Net Promoter Certification

We wrote the book on how to get more from your customer experience program and people.

You’re tapping Net Promoter as a solution to customer experience problems. Perhaps your program is in place, or will be—soon. Your team is motivated. You’re ready to create more brand evangelists and turn more Passives and Detractors into Promoters. What’s next?

Maintain your momentum, evolve your knowledge and practices, and increase the success of your NPS program with the only official Net Promoter training, straight from the creators of Net Promoter.

We know there are other customer experience training courses out there. But seriously…do you want to spend your time with someone who read the book? Or with the people who wrote it?

Register for training in Miami and receive a FREE conference pass! And, as a special gift, all Certification course attendees in Miami receive a Lenovo Yoga 8 as a “Thank You” from your friends at Satmetrix.

Client pricing

Certification Course* January 27-28 with Net Promoter Economics Workshop January 29 $4495

Non-Client pricing

Certification Course*January 27-28 with Net Promoter Economics Workshop January 29 $5495


Develop the economic proof points your customer experience program needs. Satmetrix’s new day-long workshop will help you define Net Promoter Economics for your business and a build an effective business case that proves the ROI of your new or ongoing program. This workshop is focused on the strategic needs of Program Managers and Leaders. You must have completed the Net Promoter Certified Associate course to attend. Open seats are available in the Tuesday January 28 session. Register for the economics workshop in Miami and receive a FREE conference pass!

Client pricing

Net Promoter Economics Workshop* January 28 $1995

Non-Client pricing

Net Promoter Economics Workshop*  January 28 $2395