Why Attend

Get ideas and inspiration.

Choose from 30+ presentations loaded with practical and innovative ideas you can use to:

  • Create a world-class Net Promoter program
  • Analyze and interpret data so you can hone your focus on insights and action
  • Uncover the root causes of churn and unhappiness
  • Understand the drivers of retention and loyalty
  • Drive team adoption and foster a culture of customer love
  • Harness the data in social media
  • Identify gaps in your products and services
  • Overcome the challenges facing your program

Stay at the top of your profession.

Expand your professional network, and collect ideas and best practices, as you connect with:

  • Industry thought leaders, customer-focused executives, and other corporate leaders taking customer experience to the next level
  • Practitioners across industries – financial services, telecommunications, retail, high-tech, energy and utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and more
  • Top Net Promoter thinkers, such as Fred Reichheld, Joseph Jaffe, Richard Owen and Deb Eastman

Celebrate 10 years of Net Promoter!

Beyond the fact that the conference takes place in warm, sunny Miami—in January!—you should also know that:

  • Net Promoter turns “10” in 2014—and we plan to celebrate!
  • Even in non-celebration years, this is not your typical conference: The 2013 Miami gathering garnered an NPS of 73!